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Projekt Status 11/2020 - preorder now

Projekt Status 11/20

It took a long time, but now everything is together, the serial version of the blinker box of the E-line is almost finished. A few last tests and we can start the production.

The online shop has been set up. The first 333 indicator sets can now be pre-ordered at the price of 149,- EUR under https://shop.velorian.de/ for 100,- EUR below the recommended dealer price.
But for the money you save, however, you will have to take care of the installation of the indicator set yourself at the moment. So there might be additional costs for the dealer who will do the installation. The recommended retail price via the dealer will later be 249,- EUR and should include the assembly.

If you decide to pre-order the indicator set, you help us to build the indicator set by paying the reduced pre-order price immediately. You save money and we can plan better. Furthermore, the money helps us to stay free of credits and investors and thus to keep our promises in terms of quality and sustainability.
We will use the next year to build up the dealer distribution and to be able to name a dealer for you in the future.

Your pre-order is without any risk. You can cancel your order both before you receive your blinker set and up to 14 days afterwards. The warranty period only begins when the blinker set arrives at your premises.
For pre-orderers, the specific content of the set is agreed shortly before delivery. This includes which switches, which brackets and which turn signals should be in the set.
Until then, further indicator models and brackets should be tested and available.

All individual parts of the set, which are finished and available, will be put into the shop in the next few weeks.

We have taken the C-line out of our product range. There has been too little demand for this model so far. D-line and E-line can also be used on load and recumbent bikes. Should anyone later be interested in the flat design and robust construction of the C-line, we can go into production at any time.

Many greetings from Berlin

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