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Projektstatus 02/2021 - preorder now

Projektstatus 02/21

The project is progressing, slowly but surely. The first indicator brackets are there, the cable box is ready, the first turn indicator and the switches and everything is already in the store.

The first blinker sets are pre-ordered via the onlineshop. Thank you very much for your confidence in this. There are still enough blinker sets available for pre-order at a price of 149,- EUR, 100,- EUR below the recommended dealer price.

Unfortunately, we also had to deal with the shortage of some electronic components and corresponding delivery times of several months. We have tried to avoid this by using other components, but then we had EMC problems that we had to solve. With this and other difficulties we lost a lot of time. Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to meet the delivery date at the end of March. We are now aiming for 30.04.2021, but we can only say for sure after the last supplier offers have been received in the course of the next 2-3 weeks.

Of course, the terms of the pre-order apply despite the delay. Your pre-order is without any risk. You can cancel your order both before receiving your blinker set, as well as up to 14 days afterwards. The warranty period does not start until you receive the blinker set.
By the way, the money from the pre-order is not used for production, but it helps us to stay liquid and to be able to react faster to future demands.

For pre-orderers, the specific content of the set is agreed shortly before delivery. This includes which switches, which brackets and which turn indicator should be in the set.
Until then, more turn indicator models and mounts should be tested and available.

By the way, the indicator switches have become smaller and most of the cables are longer now.
We have adapted the description of the E-line. Check it out, the dimensions of the switches can be found in the shop.

Stay healthy & many greetings from Berlin

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