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Well on track in 2023


The year 2023 has started as planned. We have been able to win some more manufacturers. The list of dealers, which we will soon publish on the website, is also getting longer and longer.

Meanwhile, we have put the assembly instructions for the e-bike indicator set on the homepage and will continue to fill it with pictures and videos.

The final version of the D-Line, our indicator solution for all those who ride a bike without a battery, is turning into the home straight, flashing of course smile
We first presented the current prototype of the D-Line at the SPEZI and last weekend at VELOBerlin. The D-Line will be intensively tested in spring and summer. We will gradually increase the number of testers. We ask all interested people who have already registered for a little patience. You can follow the status of the tests on the D-Line website in addition to the provided newsletters.

Best regards

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