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Project Status 04/2021 - The blinkerbox

Projektstatus 04/21

Whole industries are reporting delivery difficulties, but now we have our final delivery date. Our efforts in selecting electronic components have paid off. In 2 months, i.e. at the end of May, we will be able to start delivery, because then the central element of the blinkerset, the blinkerbox, will be ready. This is not the originally planned date, but it could have been much worse for us.

This also means that the budget for the first batch is set and we can buy more accessories. So the shop will fill up with more turn signals, indicator brackets, switches etc. in the next few weeks.

The dimensions of the blinkerbox can be found as usual in the online shop. For those who want to install the electronics without a housing in the bicycle frame, the corresponding information can also be found there. A detailed description of the function as well as the pin assignment will follow in the next 3 weeks.

The velorian e-bike blinkerset will remain available for pre-order in the online shop until the end of April at a price of 149,- EUR, 100,- EUR below the recommended dealer price. We will announce the exact date for the end of the pre-order phase when all electronic components have arrived at the manufacturer. We don't expect another freighter to block the Suez Canal, but we can't rule it out.

As before: For pre-orderers, the specific contents of the set will be matched to the bike shortly before delivery. This includes which switches, which brackets and which turn indicator should be in the set.
With the end of the pre-order period, it will be possible to put together the blinkerset yourself from the components that will then be available in the online shop.

Many greetings from Berlin and stay healthy

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