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velorian bicycle turn indicators

for more safety on the road

It all began at the end of 2016 with the Bicycle Turn Signal project. After looking at the solutions available on the market and finding nothing satisfying, I built my own solution, just like I have seen some of them in the streets of Berlin. What I was missing was recharging the battery via the hub dynamo, so I looked for

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The finished electronics has a housing that is easy to attach to the frame and includes the connectors. The battery part can be removed and recharged with a common USB cable like the mobile phone at the power outlet. Thus the hub dynamo is not a prerequisite. Selected especially small 12V LED indicators, matching switches and specially manufactured indicator holders make the system flexible for the diverse world of bicycles.

As a battery, a standard Li-ion battery is used, which can be purchased at many electronics retailers. This battery can be replaced at the end of its lifetime. The charging electronics uses intelligent software to ensure that the battery lasts a long time.

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The D-Line has the same options as the ebike blinkerset from velorian. Here too, it is possible to reconfigure between button and switch operation, whether 2 or 4 installed flashers. The current state of development will be shown at most of the Bicycle Fairs we visited. If we are finished and satisfied with the test results, there should soon be a pre-order possibility for this as well.

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brother and sister