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velorian e-bike blinkerset

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The velorian e-bike blinkerset fits on e-cargo or recumbent bikes, on an e-bike or speed-pedelec or an e-scooter.

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Basically all LED motorcycle turn signals up to 1.5 Watt can be used. Two chaser indicators were selected for the front position and two small, bright indicators at the rear. These are preselected in the configurator. For a wide range of requirements, we also offer other indicator models in the online shop. The experiences from the test drives, some of which took years, show that the rear indicators should always be rather small and have a flexible attachment. This increases the age enormously. For the same reason, the front turn signals also have a flexible attachment.

Blinker Operation

It is operated via two buttons on the handlebars. Pressed once on the left, the left indicator flashes until the same button is pressed again. Otherwise, the indicator goes off on its own after two minutes. This time has so far been sufficient for each traffic light phase. A change from left to right or vice versa is simply done by pressing the other button.
We also offer other indicator switches in the online shop, such as toggle switches or double-button switches that can be operated with one hand. However, the toggle switch can not to be used to trigger warning flashing. Instead, it offers clear feedback when switching and is therefore a clear advantage on uneven surfaces.

Blinker box

The housing with the control electronics, the turn signal box, is fastened with cable ties to a suitable place in the front area of the bicycle frame. The supplied cable ties are made of PU and UV-resistant and are therefore designed for permanent use in all weather conditions. It would also be possible to use coated stainless steel cable ties.

The connection to the power supply and the connections between flasher box, buttons, indicators and power supply are made with the flat plugs proven on the bike.

The lengths of the 3 connection cables have been chosen at 150 cm so that they are long enough for an optimal mounting position on an average bike, even on a high frame. The cables are shortened to fit the respective bicycle frame during assembly and only then fitted with flat plugs and insulation.
If cables need to be split or extended, we have suitable cables for this in the shop.

The cables on the turn signal box are replaceable. If one cuts off too short during the assembly, this is annoying, but can be repaired by screwing on the housing and inserting a new longer cable.

During the test phase it became apparent that a status LED on the handlebars too often required a view of the handlebars from the road. That's why the indicator box has a sound generator that makes the flashing audible. The tone sounds almost like the flasher ticking in a car and is just loud enough to be heard while driving. The sound of the videos on this page is turned off. Turn it on to hear the flasher click.
If the ticking bothers you, you can switch it off via the indicator box configuration and mount an LED on the handlebars for this purpose.

Why cable? Because the battery can be used on the e-bike. This eliminates the need to check and recharge additional batteries before starting the ride. The velorian e-bike blinker set works with an input voltage of 6 - 55 Volt direct current, it is therefore not suitable for connection to a hub dynamo.

The current requirements of the StVZO in Germany for indicators on motorised two-wheelers, multi-track bicycles and the EMC directive for e-bikes are fulfilled. The StVZO does not (yet) provide turn signals for single-track, i.e. completely normal bicycles and e-bikes.

Cable Box

An essential part of the solution is the velorian Cable Box. In this box, the cables of buttons and indicators on the handlebars are brought together to form a single cable. After connecting the cables, they are secured internally against pulling to prevent the contacts from loosening by pulling on the cables to a certain extent. The cable box is also secured with cable ties.

Blinker Brackets

Various indicator brackets made of sheet steel and aluminium were developed and tested, because no two wheels are the same. Mountings for turn signals on the handlebars, on the bowden cable brake lever, and on the luggage rack have been provided so far. The bracket on the handlebars combines the switch and the turn signal bracket, as shown in the video below for mounting the universal bracket. Generally a relatively straight handlebar shape is required. Further different mounts also for load bikes and recumbents are in development or already in production. Some brackets are already available in the online shop. We are currently working on further indicator brackets.

Blinker Feature

E-Bike battery compatible

blinker für e-bike

The velorian e-bike blinker set works with an input voltage of 6 - 48 volts and is compatible with any e-bike battery.

Simple connection

e bike blinker

The velorian blinker set can be easily connected to the headlight cable. We recommend installation by a specialist dealer.

Intuitive operation

blinker für e-bike

They are operated via two buttons or a toggle switch on the handlebars. If the indicators are not switched off, they switch off automatically after two minutes.

Chaser indicators in the front and ultra-small indicators in the rear

blinker für e bike

Blinkers make your bike safer. With chaser indicators, your bike is right on trend. The flexible turn signal arm prevents premature breaking off.

Hazard warning lights

blinker für e-bike

If both buttons are pressed, all indicators will flash a warning flash for 15 minutes. Warning flashing is not possible with the toggle switch.

Approval compliant

blinker e bike

The velorian e-bike blinker set is CE conform to the norms and standards CISPR12, ISO 11451-1, ISO 11451-2, DIN EN 15194 and tolerates outdoor temperatures from -20 °C to +75 °C. It meets the current requirements of the StVZO for indicators on motorised two-wheelers, multi-track bicycles and the EMC directive for e-bikes.

Order now the velorian e-Bike Blinkerset.

Your order is without any risk. You can cancel your order both before you receive your device and up to 30 days afterwards. The warranty period only begins when the device arrives at your premises.