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INDICATE YOUR TURN velorian cargo bike turn indicators

More and more cyclists are travelling with a cargo bike. And the cycle paths are often very narrow. Overtaking and being overtaken is a constant process. Wanting to overtake or indicating a turn can often avoid trouble. But with some load bikes you just don't want to let go of the handlebars. Especially if you have bought a new bike. And the accidents of cyclists with other cyclists are increasing according to the statistics of insurers.

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I remember the first time I climbed on different load bikes at EUROBIKE 2018. None of them allowed me to ride as usual right away, each one had its own peculiarities and you had to get used to each one anew. My first load bike was no different, taking my hand off the handlebars was unthinkable at first.

There were no indicators for the load bike, so I thought about how they could look like on the load bike. Indicators that everybody recognizes as such and that can be connected to the battery of the load bike. I did a lot of research, studied legal regulations, wrote concepts, produced a first flasher unit for eBikes and had it tested according to all valid guidelines, and tested various operating concepts. Later I was missing a USB charging socket. And then everything was ready.

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velorian turn indicator system C-line

for e-bike cargo and recumbent bicycle

In terms of the operating concept, the velorian turn signal system has the great advantage that it can be adapted to all requirements via the software. Whether two or four turn signals, whether with a conventional switch or operated via push buttons, all this can be configured by us or by the dealer. This configuration is retained even after disconnecting the battery. Two turn signals are usually configured as handlebar end turn signals. The difference with two or four turn signals is the behaviour in case of failure of one turn signal. For example, if four turn signals cause the rear left turn signal to fail, the front left turn signal will flash twice as fast to indicate this failure.

In a few weeks the online shop will be available here, where the turn signal system for cargo and recumbent bikes can be ordered. Subscribe to the Newsletter in order not to miss the launch price.

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