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velorian e-bike blinker set now on Kickstarter

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Whether on the road or on the cycle path, it is getting more and more crowded. Cycling in a big city like Berlin makes special demands, because you are rarely alone on the road. Seeing and being seen, especially in the dark, is more important than ever. The dark season is over now, but the next one is sure to come.

The company velorian has developed the velorian e-bike blinker set, which was originally to be presented at several important bicycle fairs across Europe in spring this year.

A crowd funding campaign has now been launched at www.kickstarter.com during which the system can be purchased at the market introduction price.

"I pushed this development forward because, as a person switching from cars to bicycles in a big city like Berlin, I consider turn signals on bicycles to be an absolutely sensible accessory and was not satisfied with the existing solutions," says founder and initiator Eckehard Bahr.

The velorian e-bike blinker set meets the current technical requirements in Germany for turn signals on motorbikes, cargo bikes and the EMC guidelines for e-bikes. With the brackets already developed and those still under development, the turn signal set fits not only an e-bike or an S-pedelec, but also e-cargo bikes or e-recumbent bikes.

The use of modern LED motorcycle turn signals with ECE approval ensures the signal effect and robustness of the turn signals. In addition, the stable design of the brackets and the operating elements, which are exemplary for the durability of the velorian e-bike blinker set. This distinguishes it from many other products on the market.

velorian GmbH
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Contact Person: Eckehard Bahr
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velorian GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2019.

velorian develops and distributes innovative bicycle accessories.

These include turn signal solutions for all types of bicycles, cargo bikes and recumbent bicycles.