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velorian bicycle turn indicators

ride with more safety

Whether on the street or on the cycle path, it's getting more and more crowded. Cycling, not only in a big city like Berlin, makes special demands because you are rarely alone on the road. Seeing and being seen, especially in the dark, is more important than ever.

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More and more cyclists are on the road with a cargo bike. The cycle paths are often very narrow. Overtaking and being overtaken is a constant process. Indicating a turn can avoid trouble. But with some cargo bikes you just don't want to let go of the handlebars. Especially if you bought the bike new. And accidents between cyclists and other cyclists are on the rise, according to statistics from insurers.

Now there is the velorian e-bike blinkerset, the first indicator system from velorian. Slimly adapted to the silhouette of the bicycle, with high-quality turn signals and solid controls, compact cable routing and flexibly adaptable to different requirements.

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For Manufacturer
For Manufacturer

The velorian e-bike blinkerset is suitable for all types of bikes. It doesn't matter whether it's a cargo bike or a recumbent, a tricycle or a scooter. The flexible operating concept with buttons or switches, the EU legally compliant design and the wide input voltage range are the strengths of the velorian indicator box, the electronic component in the indicator set.

The velorian indicator set is suitable for optional installation at the customer's request or also for integration into the entire lighting system. Many manufacturers already offer their models with turn signals.

With strong partners, we offer customised cable harnesses with connectors from manufacturers such as JST, HIGO and others.


We support our customers in procuring the desired indicator and the optimal control elements and have built up a large network of dealers and manufacturers for this purpose. We advise on questions of approval and technical testing.

We also deliver large quantities in a short time.

We are constantly developing the blinkerset, improving and optimising it for the benefit of our customers.

Contact us at +49 (0)30 3643 1679 or by email at contact@velorian.de

For Dealers
For Dealers

Register here in the shop as a trader.
We will activate you as a trader after checking and you will receive information about the activation by e-mail.
From then on, you will see your net retailer purchase price on the respective product.


For questions and suggestions, please do not hesitate to call us. On +49 (0)30 3643 1679 or by email to contact@velorian.de.

We already have an indicator mounting solution for many models, and we are constantly working to expand our range.

We provide advice and support in order to offer an assembly concept for the ever-increasing variety of bicycle models.
Many examples can already be found in the Support Forum.

For You
For You

Every bike is different and brings its own challenges when fitting the e-bike indicator set. The velorian e-bike indicator set fits e-load bikes or e-recumbent bikes, an e-bike or S-pedelec or an e-scooter.

We provide advice and support in order to offer a solution for the ever-increasing variety of bicycle models. Many examples can already be found in the Support Forum.
In the Shop, you will always find a technical drawing with the respective dimensions in the picture gallery for the bracket.

If you have any questions, just call 030 3643 1679 or email support@velorian.de

In addition to the e-line blinkerbox, which is used in the velorian e-bike blinkerset, we are developing the d-line blinkerbox. With this, there will be an indicator solution with its own battery, which should always be ready for use via USB-C or an existing hub dynamo.

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An indicator must work, because once you have it, you don't want to drive without it. If something does not work, a replacement must be found quickly.
We not only deliver quickly, we also deal with disruptions in an accommodating manner.

We want turn signals on bicycles to become as normal as a bicycle helmet is today. We do not want compulsory indicators, but we do want the possibility of approving indicators for all types of bicycles.
Using indicators at a bicycle, as every other road user is allowed and able to do. We will also advocate for this in the relevant committees in the future.


how your bike will attract the attention of others when you are indicating your turn like a car or motorbike at an intersection.

how you will ride safely into corners without taking your hand off the handlebar.

how relaxed cycling with indicators on your bike will be.

For the Environment
For the Environment

As manufacturers, we are aware of the opportunities and responsibility we have on the growing mountains of waste. Not only do we develop accessories for an environmentally friendly industry, we also use recycled or natural raw materials for our products wherever possible. raw materials for our products. It should make economic and ecological sense. To this end, we have already dispensed with permanently installed batteries in the development phase.

Where possible, we rely on short transport routes within production logistics and regional production. For example, the electronics and most of the indicator brackets come from Berlin, the housing from Saxony and the cables from Baden Württemberg.


The housings are not glued or welded, the indicator box can be repaired by replacing the electronics and the components can be disposed of separately at the end of their life. The plastic of the enclosures is sorted and labelled, which enables clean recycling.

Plastic is almost completely dispensed with for the packaging of our own products. We also have an impact on our suppliers and do not use unnecessarily large packaging and so-called plastic blister packs for the presentation of our own products.
And why?
Because we can't go on like this with disposable plastic!


General Questions
Am I allowed to mount a turn indicator on my bicycle?
Please refer your local regulations.
Are turn signals on bicycles allowed in Germany?
Yes and No. With the exception of S-pedelecs, turn signals on two-wheeled bicycles cannot be approved according to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), i.e. no bicycle manufacturer will currently obtain approval in Germany for a bicycle that is equipped with turn signals ex works. Why is that? There can't be a really good reason. Research into this only brings up very strange explanations, such as a possible confusion of motorists. That did not convince us. That's why we asked the Federal Motor Transport Authority.
The answer is: Because no one has yet given any thought to the conditions under which turn signals on bicycles could be approved, i.e. how the turn signals must function, how and where they should be attached, and so on. The regulatory basis is simply lacking.

However, according to STVO it is not forbidden to use turn signals. STVO §9 only stipulates that the direction of travel must be indicated; there are no regulations on how this is to be done. There is also no special regulation for bicycles. The hand signal is therefore not explicitly prescribed, but "only" customary. Incidentally, it is usual for all vehicles without turn indicators.

The third brake light at the top centre of the car was once not allowed in the EU. After this additional brake light had been fitted often enough anyway, the legislator adapted the corresponding regulation on 01 January 1998.
On which bicycles are turn signals permitted and eligible for approval?
According to which regulations must turn signals be approved and fitted to bicycles?
The guidelines for approval are stated in StVZO §67 (5)).
  • Regelung UNECE No. 50 controls the brightness, light distribution, etc. of the turn signals up to the content of the approval document
  • Regelung UNECE No. 74 regulates the mounting. Paragraph 6.8 ff. is where it gets interesting.
  • Regelung UNECE No. 60 concerns the operating elements, which may have to indicate with symbols (arrows) in which direction to flash.
If turn signals are fitted, they must also comply with these regulations according to StVZO §54 (6).
Are there regulations on hazard warning flashing in Europe?
Of course:§ 53a Warning triangle, warning light, warning light, warning vest
  • (4) Vehicles (excluding motor vehicles according to Article 30a (3)). The exception of three-wheel motor vehicles), which must be equipped with direction indicator lamps, must also have a warning blinking system. It must be obtained as follows:
    1. For the circuit, a special switch must be present in the motor vehicle.
    2. After switching on, all of the flashing lights present on the vehicle or train must emit yellow flashing light simultaneously at a frequency of 1.5 Hz ± 0.5 Hz (90 pulses ± 30 pulses per minute).
    3. The driver must be indicated by a conspicuous indicator lamp in accordance with § 39a that the warning flashing light is switched on.
  • (5) Warning flashing systems on vehicles for which they are not required shall comply with the provisions of paragraph 4. Unofficial table of contents
Should I give a hand signal even with working turn indicators on my bike?
Turn indicators on a bicyle are not common yet. Therefore show your turn in the usual way first and don't rely on attention of other people.
Who'll mounting the turn indicator system on my bike?
The installation needs no special skills, only some special tools like tongs for the cable. You can do it yourself, or your local dealer can take care of it for you.
How many turn indicator designs are available?
Generally all 12V LED indicators are for motorcycles. We select especially small models and check their power consumption. A valid approval, a successful design, low power consumption and good brightness are our criteria. And of course, we test all our models.
Do I have to stop flashing manually?
While the flashing can be stopped manually, it will automatically stop after 120 seconds.
What kind of bikes can the system be mounted onto?
Basically, the velorian turn indicator systems can be mounted onto any bicycle. There are no brackets for all kinds of bicycles yet, but we are developing more brackets currently.
How will the turn indicators be mounted on my bike?
There are already some brackets available in the online shop. We are developing more brackets currently.

Questions about velorian d-line
Does charging the battery consume a lot of power? Does this cause brightness to be lost on the headlight?
No to both of those things.
How long does the battery last?
Fully charged, depending on usage, it lasts up to 4 weeks or more. Connected to the hub dynamo, depending on usage, the battery should be fully charged at all times.
Is the battery replaceable?
Of course. The battery has a standard format and can be bought from any electronics dealer.
Where can I buy the velorian turn indicator system for bikes without battery?
The development of the D-Line has been finalised. The d-line can be pre-ordered in our online shop as the velorian Bio-Bike blinkerset 2.0 Plug&Ride at the market launch price.

Questions about velorian e-bike blinkerset (e-line)
Where can you buy the velorian e-bike blinkerset?
It can be ordered here in the online shop. A list of dealers currently registered with us can be found in the menu under Find a Dealer.
Is the e-bike blinkerset suitable for every e-bike?
The velorian e-bike blinkerset works with an input voltage of 6 - 60 volts direct current, and thus covers all e-bike battery systems on the market. Due to the low power consumption of the velorian e-bike blinkerset, the connection can be realised very easily on the headlight cable. The connection is therefore just as simple as that of a headlight. Under certain circumstances, however, the light must always be switched on. On newer Bosch drive systems, power can also be tapped at the 3rd party port if Bosch ABS is not installed. Such a connection is available on many e-bikes.
Can different turn signals be installed at the front and rear? What voltage must the turn signals be operated with?
Yes, that is not a problem. They have to be 12 volt indicators.
Can more than 4 turn signals be installed? For example for a trailer?
Yes, only the total power of all turn signals must not exceed 6 watts.
Can I also fit the e-bike indicator set to my e-scooter? And am I also allowed to do this in Germany?
Yes and yes, turn signals are generally permissible for e-scooters. Due to the design, the rules for installation are somewhat different from those for bicycles, see also Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge-Verordnung - eKFV § 5 Anforderungen an die Lichttechnischen Einrichtungen (4).

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