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velorian bicycle turn indicators: ride with more safety

Road traffic is becoming increasingly dense and challenging. Especially in the dark, the danger of not being seen is high. Fear and insecurity can arise from this, and the joy of cycling is gone. But cycling is the best way to get around the city and is good for all of us.

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I have known this for years from the increasingly dense Berlin city traffic. Although I think I’m an experienced cyclist, I have also had my moments of fear. For a long time, I have been looking for ways to improve my visibility in traffic. I have tried almost everything on the market and have become more and more convinced that what is missing the most are proper turn signals on the bike. Indicators that I don't have to worry about every day and that work as reliably as on a car or motorcycle.

That's why I founded velorian to develop the turn signals I have always wanted for myself. As a graduate engineer, my goal was to develop reliable indicators for everyday cycling that conform to the relevant regulations. For this purpose, I found who I believe to be the best development partners.

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Sponsored by the state of Berlin and after more than 3 years of daily testing in Berlin road traffic and many improvements, I was able to show my bike turn signals at the first big bike shows VELOBerlin, VELOHamburg and VELOFrankfurt in 2019

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how your bike will attract the attention of others when you are indicating your turn like a car or motorbike at an intersection.

how you will ride safely into corners without taking your hand off the handlebar.

how relaxed cycling with indicators on your bike will be.

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velorian will show the various bicycle indicators at many trade fairs in 2021. We will list the fairs here as soon as we can say for sure that the fairs will take place.

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The electronics were the first challenge, the next was the question of how to attach them to the wheel in a visually appealing and stable way. Which turn signals are small and can fit on a bike? The whole thing should look cool or chic or simply good. I invested a lot of time in answering these questions, and so velorian offers a variety of indicators and brackets. Anyone who travels a lot by bike and uses mobile phone navigation or other navigation devices will know the problem of a low battery. The final generation of velorian turn signals will provide a USB charging port.

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General Questions
Am I allowed to mount a turn indicator on my bicycle?
Please refer your local regulations.
Are turn signals on bicycles allowed in Germany?
With the exception of S-pedelecs, turn signals on two-wheeled bicycles cannot be approved according to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), i.e. no bicycle manufacturer will currently obtain approval in Germany for a bicycle that is equipped with turn signals ex works. However, according to STVO §9 it is not forbidden to use turn signals. STVO §9 only stipulates that the direction of travel must be indicated; there are no regulations on how this is to be done. There is also no special regulation for bicycles. The hand signal is therefore not explicitly prescribed, but only customary.
S-pedelecs with speeds of up to 45 kmh are classified in the EU Regulation 168/2013, which has been in force since 2017, in the L1e-B category, i.e. as mopeds. Mopeds may have turn signals (direction indicators), but do not have to StVZO §54 (5) point 4. If turn signals are fitted, however, they must then also comply with the regulations StVZO §54 (6).
On multi-track bicycles, as many cargo bicycles are, turn signals have been officially permitted in Germany since 01.07.2017 or with the fifty-second ordinance amending road traffic regulations of 18 May 2017 (StVZO §67 (5) .... are only permitted on multi-track bicycles or those with a superstructure that completely or partially covers the rider's hand signals).
Turn signals are generally permissible for e-scooters. See (Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge-Verordnung - eKFV) § 5 Anforderungen an die lichttechnischen Einrichtungen (4).
Should I give a hand signal even with working turn indicators on my bike?
Turn indicators on a bicyle are not common yet. Therefore show your turn in the usual way first and don't rely on attention of other people.
Who'll mounting the turn indicator system on my bike?
The installation needs no special skills, only some special tools like tongs for the cable. You can do it yourself, or your local dealer can take care of it for you.
How many turn indicator designs are available?
Generally all 12V LED indicators are for motorcycles. We select especially small models and check their power consumption. A valid approval, a successful design, low power consumption and good brightness are our criteria. And of course, we test all our models.
How will the turn indicators be mounted on my bike?
There are already some brackets available in the online shop. We are developing more brackets currently.
Questions about velorian d-line
Does charging the battery consume a lot of power? Does this cause brightness to be lost on the headlight?
No to both of those things.
Do I have to stop flashing manually?
While the flashing can be stopped manually, it will automatically stop after 120 seconds.
What kind of bikes can the system be mounted onto?
Basically, the velorian turn indicator systems can be mounted onto any bicycle. There are no brackets for all kinds of bicycles yet, but we are developing more brackets currently.
How long does the battery last?
Fully charged, depending on usage, it lasts up to 4 weeks or more. Connected to the hub dynamo, depending on usage, the battery should be fully charged at all times.
Is the battery replaceable?
Of course. The battery has a standard format and can be bought from any electronics dealer.
Where can I buy the velorian turn indicator system for bikes without battery?
The development of the D-Line will continue this year. We will also set up a pre-order option for it. Signing up for the newsletter will help you not to miss this date and to get one of the first systems at the market launch price.
Questions about velorian e-bike blinkerset (e-line)
Where can you buy the velorian e-bike blinkerset?
According to current plans, the eBike Blinkerset will be available at the beginning of 2021. It can already be pre-ordered here in the online shop. We will keep you regularly informed about the progress of the project via the newsletter.
Is the e-bike blinkerset suitable for every e-bike?
The velorian e-bike blinkerset works with an input voltage of 6 - 60 volts direct current, and thus covers all e-bike battery systems on the market. Due to the low power consumption of the velorian e-bike blinkerset, the connection can be realised very easily on the headlight cable. The connection is therefore just as simple as that of a headlight. Under certain circumstances, however, the light must always be switched on. On newer Bosch drive systems, power can also be tapped at the 3rd party port if Bosch ABS is not installed. Such a connection is available on many e-bikes.
Can different turn signals be installed at the front and rear? What voltage must the turn signals be operated with?
Yes, that is not a problem. They have to be 12 volt indicators.
Can more than 4 turn signals be installed? For example for a trailer?
Yes, only the total power of all turn signals must not exceed 6 watts.
Can I also fit the e-bike indicator set to my e-scooter? And am I also allowed to do this in Germany?
Yes and yes, turn signals are generally permissible for e-scooters. Due to the design, the rules for installation are somewhat different from those for bicycles, see also Elektrokleinstfahrzeuge-Verordnung - eKFV § 5 Anforderungen an die Lichttechnischen Einrichtungen (4).